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Ricardo Band


About me

I am an Engineer of many traits. My career started in software development in 2009 where I quickly fell in love with Python. I developed mostly full stack web applications and smaller programms and tooling. Over the years I got curious how and where my code runs and I moved more towards operations over the years. Quickly, automation became my biggest interrest, so I operated fleets of hardware servers, virtual machines and clusters of all kinds in multiple companies and environments. Today I find myself more in cloud topics then anything else, but I can still combine all my previous knowledge when designing infratructure products to empower developers to build applications in the cloud or on-premise.

When setting up systems and projects, I always strive for a secure, reusable and well documented solution. It is important to me to come back to a project in the future and don't waste time to figure out why things are how they are. Also for coworkers and users, good and updated documentation is a key to success.

Newer is not always better but this industry is moving fast and it is important to me to keep up with the newest developments and technologies. Legacy systems can't be avoided but should be kept to a minimum and properly dealt with.

Apart from work, I'm quite active in multiple hackspaces like the CCCB, the AfRA and the x-hain where I dabble in different topics like electronics, PCB design, wood working or 3D printing. I like to take my motorcycle on a ride and excape the city every once in a while. Most things I do, get converted into a DIY project sooner or later.

If you're looking for a new coworker and think my profile fits your needs, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm always open for new and exciting challenges. You can find my email contact at the end of the page. »








Cloud (AWS)


Here is a link to my CV.